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What is Strubloid Means?

Photographer / Crazy People
For starts you need to know that I am crazy for this world, lights and unusual way to see and capture thins around us, if you are looking for a normal person, I could fake one, but a prefer to be like me, young, crazy and creative person that will blow your freaky mind!
Some friends of mine say that I am a friendly person, not shy at all, but I am shy, so… if you say hello or howdy mate, my insecurity goes to the other world and I will be your friend for a lifetime!
About being my friend you could already add me at facebook (, simple like that, and remember chat first, because you know…
After this first steps, you can really know me a little, why I can say for sure that it is only a little bit? hehe you will know when you met me as a full person, nothing virtual or connected with an internet, you will see what trouble that you get when you decided to meet me, but after that, that’s oke… you will be one of my good friends and I swear that we will share some laughs and have a lot of fun, if I brought my camera… for sure… you will be a part of my ideas on this particular day!
So… talk to me, be my friend, and that’s it 😉

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