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Lines of mari

I can’t imagine a person like Mari, she is something totally different than i met before, she was the girl who easily got my heart. When we start to talk to each other i noticed that she had something different, she was something else…

Our talk was so good and our conversation flowed so well that the desire to make some photos become truth was more important than the air that we breathe. We chat a lot about those ideas, we discuss and argue about the light, colors, shades and especially creativity, because she believed that was the only that matters.

After we decided set a date to make the photo-shoot she said something that i will never forget:

“I am desiring this thing for a long time already, i never had the courage to said yes for someone before, but with you the yes came easily, i don’t know why but i can feel that thing, that desire to say yes and i am waiting already to see the result”.

I only can say that i hope that you guys can enjoy this ideas, this is the first of many photo-shoots that i had made with Mariana. If you enjoyed this one, show to your friends, maybe I can touch another heart as I touched the Mari.

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