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Some persons in this world are specials, a few of them are this kind of girl. I just needed a minute for she be a part of my life’s photography, what i can say about my greatest friend Isabella? i could try to say something but all the time i start to write and something is missing everytime. Nevertheless i will try to write with some faults and already I apologize for that.

Isabella Silveira she is my friend and also my apprentice, an amazing model that can get you so easily, that you will be drowned smoothly in her eyes without knowing what is happening. She is special in so many ways, if you have a chance to talk to her don’t miss it. In case that you had a chance to meet her in one of your major photography expositions will be grand, but if you could have a chat and drink a good beer at one nice bar outside, you will be just like me and after this you will know that she is a truly a masterpiece of woman.

One day i think that she will live in France, Isabella loves the French culture, cuisine and all the atmosphere of them! she is a girl with France inside of her…

I miss her so much, but that’s life, you lose somethings only for trying to get new and exciting adventures your life, but i am waiting for her in Europe, i just dont know when we will see each other, whatever it is something that will happen! and i am certain that one more time i will be drowned in her magical eyes, that they will make me believe that the world is something special and everything going to be magical and believable..

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