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Hello my friends!

I need to say that i got the lines, shadows and creativity to transform an old projector into a source of this light. I had made a lot of modifications in my projector, but the result of this hard work was a smooth light with no evidences of something projected.

I called my good friend Amanda for this idea, she said yes without blink, we had a lot of good ideas and the result was a few nice photos with the power of the lines, one skinny brunette and reflections of a sweaty body.

She is real, strong and a little bit dreamy, i can say that you are seeing is the real Amanda, an open minded girl with a lot of good qualities.

We met a lot of times for chatting about ideas of our photo-shoot, all those days are full of alcohol and good laughs! and also Xbox and i won almost of the matches (now i am speaking like a dead person).

I hope that you guys can enjoy this photo-shoot because it is a good one in my list of favorites!

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