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Capturing a glance of Manu

Hello my friends!

Today i went to met a new person, we could chat, have some laughs, and #spoileralert was an amazing day to take some nicest photos! and i hope that will please your eye when you see all of them!

For starting the place that i went to met my new friend was the Starbucks in front of the Stephen’s Green Park, i can say that it’s my favorite place to have a nice coffee in Dublin, and i hope to met more places, but for now it’s a good one. Over there i met the lovely Manu, she is an exotic girl with a unique way to see all those things that we can see in this amazing world. Off course i asked everything about her life and we could met each other and share some good time.

After a couple of minutes the sun said to us, come here… please! and as a good listener we decided that was the hour for going to the park. Perfect timing and also a great light was the perfect blend for our photoshoot!

We have a few good ideas and also a lot of fun, i hope that you guys can enjoy this “work” (most fun than work for shureeeee), and if you want to have a great day like this one, the only thing that you need to do is call me at strubloid at 😉

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