Some of my projects that I'm enjoying now
Here you will find some good content from my Github account, as I had to export some projects from my own personal git repository to become public on the github.
A little bit about me

A Brazilian Software Engineer, well-rounded (+10 Yrs) in IT. You should expect a person with agile behaviour, design patterns in the mindset that loves Linux that will build user-centred design with proper documentation.


PHP its a serious relationship, that started in 2007 and continue in a few applications. In may 8 2010 I said to Rasmus Lerdoff on IV ENSOL that I will be using this tecnology for a while...I didn't think that could it be for more than 10 years, starting with pure PHP, going to Yii, Zend I, Zend II, Yii 2, Magento 1 and later on Magento 2

Bash scripting

Bash scripting its pure Linux love, I got this from the GNU/Linux community with old friends: Victor, Anahuac and Rodrigo.
I've learned since 2005 that a good script is a written down one, and later on some refactorings.
It is something that I use/do every day, so if you need something related to a terminal line I am your guy!
For more information check it out Here


This was my digi-evolution from Node.Js, I could change the way that I was scripting with Javascript. I follow the SOLID principles and always try to use as much as I can OO building good reusable components.